RUGBY animation

The basic rules of rugby explained in a whiteboard animation, offered to you FREESmile by Retera Studio’s

The wonderful game of rugby has many complex rules. If you want to watch a game and don’t want to feel like a jerk when you cheer at the wrong moment, watch this animation! It’s been presented to you all FREE. That’s why Retera Studio’s does appreciate it, if you leave my company name in the video.

We are working on a range of animations in different languages. Click the link of your country, find the download button en get this animation on your computer. If you are also a jerk downloading stuff , no worries! send me a email and I send you the animation by Wetransfer.




ICELANDIC: Under construction






This video is free, changes and adjustments are not: If you like to change things in the animation like adding a logo or a new scene. Costs are from € 250,00 per scene.

If you want a complete new animation to be made, send me a email and I present you a offer.


With rugby regards,

Peer Retera